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A passion for innovation and technology enabled Exposure to become the first company to master LED technology for portable sports lighting, specifically mountain biking and 24hour racing. This passion has been key to Exposure being recognized for 20 years as the leading global brand for sports lighting. This includes products for marine, diving, medical, search and rescue, emergency services and others. All products are designed and built in the UK.

With the new brand ‘AutoMoto’ Exposure has used its experience and expertise to create a new range of lighting for the Auto sector. As with mountain biking, knowledge has been gained from participation, the passion for innovation being inspired by the motorsport experience.

Design and development has been focused on the challenging world of Rallying, the ultimate test arena. Specific features such as quick release mounting, wiring looms, switching, programming, thermal management etc. have been refined by this experience.

Lights and accessories for other vehicles including all motor sport, motorbikes and commercial have subsequently been designed and developed.

We are now able to offer a range of lights to users requiring the highest quality for demanding applications, who appreciate innovative design and advanced development.

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