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Revo Dynamo Disc QR15 Pack


Revo Dynamo Disc QR15 Pack

The endurance racers, bike packers, and commuters perfect companion the 4 LED 800 lumen REVO Dynamo light with one-hour stand light. Stand light enables the light to stay illuminated within traffic or can be used to set up camp. Achieves max lumen output after reaching 17mph and 1 hour stand light is achieved after just 15 minutes riding.

In the box: Revo, Dynamo Hub, Handlebar bracket, Revo connecting cable, Cable routing kit, Quick start guide

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Name File Type Date Modified
REVO_2016_QS_Guide PDF Oct 07 2021


SRP £400
Output 800 Lumens
Weight 110 grams
Burntime N/A
Battery Capacity N/A
Dimensions (mm) Length –59, Head – 47, Back – 41
LED's 4x XPG


Pete, UK

I've been running this setup for about 4 years with moderate miles and have had no problems. Both the light and the hub are solidly built. I'm a 100kg rider so I can attest the the robustness of the hub. The fact that the light does not have an on/off switch does not bother me; if cars have daytime running lights, it stands to reason it'd be a good idea on a bike too, and there's less to go wrong.

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