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Revo Dynamo Disc Brake QR12 Pack


Revo Dynamo Disc Brake QR12 Pack

Stand Light Technology allows the Revo to remain lit when you stop cycling, the output dims but will last for up to an hour at a low level. The retained energy allows you to quickly get up to full power when you start cycling again or get your tent up for a night in the wilderness.

The Revo features reduced Smart Port technology allowing an Exposure Red Eye rear light to be used for a complete battery free lighting solution.

In the box: Revo, Dynamo Hub, Handlebar bracket, Revo connecting cable, Cable routing kit, Quick start guide

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Name File Type Date Modified
REVO_2016_QS_Guide PDF Oct 07 2021


SRP £400
Output 800 Lumens
Weight 110 grams
Burntime N/A
Battery Capacity N/A
Dimensions (mm) Length –59, Head – 47, Back – 41
LED's 4x XPG



I've had this setup for about 10 years. Phenomenal lights. Excellent warranty and since then excellent service for repair. I've only had to send it back once for repair that wasn't my fault. This is the light you want for fit and forget lights on tour/bike packing. As long as the wheels are spinning quickly enough, theres even enough light for gravel riding. Not for xc use and you won't be going fast enough but this thing has lit my path all the way to Morocco and back, across the UK and to work and back every winter.

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