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Technical Specifications:

LEDs 1 x White XPL2
IP Rating IPX5
Max Lumens 475
Battery 2,900 mAh Li-Ion
Runtime 3 - 24 Hours
Charging Time 3 Hours
Weight 118g
Material Anodised 6063 Aluminium
Length 49mm
Head Diameter 20mm
In The Box HT500, Reflective Headband, Micro-USB Charge Cable, QS Guide.

HT500 Head Torch - Gun Metal Black


Engineered to be a super compact and lightweight high power head torch, the HT500 emits up to 465 lumens from a single Cree LED. Protected in a lightweight aluminium head it balances power and weight perfectly. The ultra light carbon battery unit evenly distributes the weight between the font and back of the head. Combined with our sweat-wicking, reflective band the HT500 is very stable and easily adjusted with a front mounted switch. Exposure's patent-pending program selection and colour coded battery feedback allows you to fine-tune the light to your needs, whatever the length or terrain of your run.

In the box:HT500, Reflective Headband, Micro-USB Charge Cable, QS Guide.

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Quick Stats:

3 - 24
Hours Runtime
Lumens Measured Output
Grams Weight



Various programs in the lights can easily be selected to offer a choice of run times and modes so you can find the right one for your ride, be it an all-night adventure or an intense blast.


Patented circuitry within the light will reduce power to the LEDs, if they go beyond the optimum temperature, keeping the light as efficient as possible to maximise output and battery capacity. Once the light has cooled, the power is automatically restored.

Fuel Gauge Fuel Gauge

Using a traffic light system remaining runtime is easily monitored at a glance so you’re not caught out. The colour feedback is also used for mode selection, before defaulting back to runtime.


Compact, lightweight and high performance, the HT500 is the ultimate performance headtorch. 450 lumens for 3 hours, illuminates objects up to 91 meters away letting you hit the trails at your maximum pace. To achieve the low weight of 118g (including the battery and headband) a carbon casing has been used to secure the battery and to ensure the weight is evenly distributed forward and back.  

Exposure's program selection and single click front switch fine-tunes the power output to your needs. The 230 lumen endurance mode allows a steady pace over 6 hours or the 48 hour, 50 lumen walk mode ensures it will last the duration of your adventure.  

The HT500's USB micro charge port utilises the widely used USB micro charge cable creating a universal charging system. Whatever the length or terrain of your adventure the HT500 is there to support you.


Name File Type Date Modified
EXPUG12.1 [Product User Guide] PDF Jan 18 2022


SRP £125
Output 475 lumens
Weight 118 grams
Burntime Min 3hrs Max 24 hrs
Battery Capacity 2900 mAh Li ion
Dimensions (mm) Length - 49, Head - 20, Back – 31



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