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OLAS T2 Rechargeable


The OLAS T2 is a waterproof, compact, rechargeable transmitter which can be tracked by any OLAS Receiver. Integrated vibration and light indication ensure awareness of the tag status throughout its operation.

If crew leave the vessel or fall overboard the alarm will be triggered. OLAS then offers clear guidance to remaining crew aiding in a successful MOB recovery and communication with emergency services. For increased versatility the T2 is supplied with a silicone wrist strap and a safety-break neck lanyard with silicone holder.

When combined with the OLAS Guardian or the OLAS N2K the T2 can also be used to stop and lock your engines if used with OLAS Smart Lock.

The OLAS T2 Tags are compatible with all OLAS receivers. After seconds of the tag ‘breaking’ connection with an OLAS receiver the crew are alerted and, if connected, the MOB rescue screen is activated on the OLAS app.

Track multiple tags, customise the names and monitor battery life within the OLAS app. Up to 6 OLAS T2 can be tracked directly using the OLAS mobile app. Up to 25 OLAS T2 can be tracked by the OLAS receivers, the Guardian or the Core.

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Product Compatibility:

OLAS Guardian OLAS Core OLAS Extender


OLAS T2 Rechargeable

What it does

Track with the OLAS mobile application

Within 8 seconds of a man overboard incident occurring, the OLAS mobile application technology detects a break in its ‘virtual tether’ to the tag. The mobile phone(s) then sound a loud alarm, alerting crew to the fact someone is overboard. OLAS then aids the crew with the MOB recovery, clearly directing them to the GPS location where the MOB occurred with clear visual signals and bearing data. OLAS stores all location data and time of incident required by the rescue services.

<Track with the OLAS Guardian and Core (Vessels up to 50ft)

Connect up to 15 OLAS transmitters (OLAS tag or OLAS Float-On) to any OLAS receiver. Within 2 seconds of the connection breaking the MOB alert will activate alerting crew to the incident.

OLAS tag advantages

  • Rechargeable battery
  • Up to 7 days runtime from a single charge
  • Versatile attachment solution.
  • Cost effective and scalable safety solution
  • Compatible with OLAS Core overboard alarm
  • Compatible with OLAS Guardian wireless kill switch
  • Compatible with OLAS N2K NMEA 2000 connected MOB alarm.
  • Connect 1 tag to multiple phones / tablets
  • Connect multiple tags to 1 phone or tablet
  • Visual and tactile low battery alert

Download the OLAS App on the App store or get it on Google Play. Search ‘OLAS’.
OLAS T2 Rechargeable
OLAS T2 Rechargeable

OLAS T2 Rechargeable

OLAS T2 Rechargeable

Mobile App Features

The Guardian is easily operated via the OLAS App, free to download from the App Store for iOS and the Google Play Store for Android. The OLAS app requires a device running the minimum of IOS11 or Android 5.1 to work. The OLAS App is a powerful tool for controlling the Guardians functions and for aiding in fast rescue.

  • Monitor all OLAS transmitters that are being tracked
  • Customise OLAS transmitter Names making them easy to allocate
  • Check battery status for OLAS tags

Guardian Control
  • Add new OLAS transmitters to the Guardian system
  • Pause the Guardian system if transmitters are leaving the area for a short period
  • Adjust the time before the Guardian reacts to an overboard transmitter between 2 seconds to 15 seconds, allowing more freedom around larger vessels
  • Adjust between cut-off switch and external alarm mode
  • Kill switch mode activates the inbuilt switch for 5 seconds, cutting off the engine, but allowing users to restart the engine after 5 seconds
  • External alarm mode activates the inbuilt switch until it is manually cancelled. This allows external, high power, alarms to be connected in series.
  • Pause the alarm state

Transmitter control
  • Easily adjust individual transmitters between Engine cut-off (for the skipper), Alarm only (for passengers) and Pause (for passengers leaving the vessel temporarily)
  • sounding the external alarm if a Tag wearer is out of range on both the Guardian and your mobile device.
  • Adjust the time before the cut-off switch or alarm is triggered – offering greater freedom

External Alarm and rescue aid
  • Maximum volume alarm and vibration on your mobile phone, synchronized with the Guardian.
  • Indication of which transmitter has triggered the alarm.
  • Record the GPS location of where the alarm was triggered • Clear guidance back to the GPS location where the alarm was triggered.
  • Clear display of the time and GPS location of where the alarm was triggered and the user's current location. • VHF emergency script with automatically input GPS co-ordinates and custom vessel information Solo Mode.
  • Designed for when boating on your own within 2G cellular range or offshore Wifi. Solo mode will send an automatic text message to a custom number with your location and time of the incident. If a self-rescue is managed an automatic text is sent cancelling the alert.


Name File Type Date Modified
OLAS T2 User Guide Firmware 2.0 PDF Jan 04 2023


Size 38 x 38 x 9.5 mm
Weight 12g
Operation Double press to switch on, triple press to switch off
Charge time 2 hours via USB (5V 0.5A)
Battery Life Up to 7 days
Vessel range Up to 50ft when tracked via OLAS N2K, Guardian or Core
Applications Recreational Boating
Warranty 2 Years
Approvals FCC, RED, CE, RoHS 2.0
In the box OLAS T2 Tag, Silicone wrist strap, Pendant style neck lanyard, USB Charger, Quick Start Guide


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