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Ocean Racing Heritage

Exposure Marine Lighting has a remarkable heritage deeply rooted in the thrilling world of ocean racing and offshore sailing. For years, this esteemed brand has been the go-to choice for professional racing teams, offering cutting-edge lighting solutions that excel in the most challenging conditions.

Exposure's involvement in the prestigious Ocean Race has been a testament to their commitment to excellence. Their lighting systems have illuminated the paths of legendary racing yachts, including Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing and Dongfeng Racing, providing crucial visibility during intense night legs and adverse weather conditions. These teams have relied on Exposure Marine Lighting's superior products to navigate the treacherous waters of this grueling global race.

In the world of solo offshore racing, Exposure has been a trusted partner of the esteemed Alex Thomson Racing. Alex Thomson, one of the world's leading solo sailors, has pushed the boundaries of performance in his quest for victory. With Exposure Marine Lighting's state-of-the-art systems, he has been able to conquer the darkness, gaining a competitive edge while maintaining the utmost safety on his high-speed racing yacht.

Building upon their rich legacy, Exposure Marine Lighting continues to support and collaborate with elite racing teams. Currently, they are proud partners of 11th Hour Racing and Team Malizia, two teams dedicated to competitive sailing and sustainability. By providing these teams with their innovative lighting solutions, Exposure ensures that they have the best tools to navigate the world's oceans efficiently and safely.

With their deep involvement in the Ocean Race and partnerships with esteemed racing teams, Exposure Marine Lighting has solidified its reputation as a leading provider of marine lighting solutions. Their heritage in ocean racing demonstrates their unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional performance, durability, and reliability in the most demanding marine environments. Whether it's illuminating the path to victory or ensuring safety during challenging conditions, Exposure Marine Lighting continues to be the trusted choice of professionals and enthusiasts alike.

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