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Terms and Conditions

The OLAS systems are products from Ultimate Sports Engineering Ltd.

OLAS wireless systems utilise OLAS transmitters (OT) and OLAS receivers (OR).

OLAS transmitters consist of the OLAS tag, OLAS Float On and OLAS T2.

OLAS receivers include the Guardian, the Core, the Extender and the OLAS mobile application (OLAS app)

Before using any OLAS wireless system it is imperative that you read the DISCLAIMER and the LIMITAION OF LIABILITY which follows. There is legal presumption that by using OLAS wireless systems you have read, understood and accepted the DISCLAIMER and the LIMITATION OF LIABILITY statement.


Start and setup all OLAS systems before you leave the dock and ensure all OTs are connected. Connecting the OLAS app allows visual indication of connected OTs.

Check the battery level of OLAS tags using the OLAS app. Check the battery level of OLAS Float-On’s using the inbuilt colour coded battery indicator.

The OLAS App

Ensure GPS is running in the background on your mobile device. Keep your mobile device plugged in to a charger as GPS drains the battery. It is advised that the app is running in the foreground to enable maximum response time. It can take up to 30 second for the system to respond if the phone is in locked mode.

Test the Connection Whilst In Dock

Test the connection between the OR and the OT by leaving the OR in its planned location and walk the OT to the furthest point on the vessel. Check that all OT’s being used are working correctly by submersing them in more the 4 inches of open water which will activate the alarm on the receiver.


As soon as a MOB situation occurs ensure a crew member keeps visual contact and points at the MOB. Contact the emergency services and give them the co-ordinates from your vessels GPS navigation system and the time since the MOB occurred.

Use OLAS Systems frequently as a practice aid for a MOB situation


OLAS wireless systems are an aid only and should be used alongside existing safety products and procedures. They should not be used for navigation or lifesaving procedures. The OLAS app GPS coordinates cannot be relied upon to be accurate. Whilst accuracy of between 10-30 meters can be achieved, many factors can cause larger variations. The OLAS app cannot and does not take the external environment into consideration. Wind, tide, current and other factors will affect the position of the MOB. The OLAS app can only assist you in getting back to the position that the automatic alert was issued. The OLAS app is not warranted to be accurate. GPS reception is variable and cannot be relied on. The phone can take up to 40 seconds to get a good GPS lock even when GPS connectivity is available. The OLAS app will be more accurate if already running for 1 minute before grabbing the GPS location. It is advised that the app is running in the foreground to enable maximum response time. It can take up to 30 second for the system to respond if the phone is in locked mode. The OLAS App should only be used to complement other MOB methods and procedures.


In no event shall Ultimate Sports Engineering Ltd or its members, representatives or suppliers be liable for any damages whatsoever (including, without limitation, loss of property, personal injury, lost revenue, lost profits, loss of goodwill, business interruption) arising from or related to the use or inability to use or reliance on any OLAS wireless system, even if Ultimate Sports Engineering Ltd or its representatives or agents have been advised of the possibility of such damages. Some jurisdictions prohibit the exclusion or limitation of liability for implied warranties or consequential damages or incidental damages, so the above limitation may not apply to you. You may have other legal rights that vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. To the extent any liability is found, in no event will the liability of Ultimate Sports Engineering Ltd, its members, representatives or suppliers exceed the amount paid for the OLAS wireless system inclusive of the OLAS transmitters and receivers.

Patent Notice:

The OLAS wireless systems and associated products may be covered by patents or patent pending applications.

Credits Product: Ultimate Sports Engineering Ltd

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