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OLAS Guardian Install
The OLAS System Overview
OLAS Guardian Explained
OLAS EXTENDER - repeater for Guardian and Core
OLAS CORE - MOB Alarm System
OLAS Giardian - On the water demo
OLAS Guardian - The wireless kill switch
OLAS Guardian wireless kill switch walkthrough
OLAS Explanation
OLAS FloatOn
OLAS - Your portable Man Overboard System
OLAS: Your Personal Man Overboard Alarm
Why is night sailing fun?
ExposureProTalk: Charles Caudrelier - Any odd situations using your Exposure lights?
ExposureProTalk: Jack Bouttell - Dongfeng Race Team
ExposureProTalk: Carolijn Brouwer - Dongfeng Race Team
ExposureProTalk: Charles Caudrelier - What were the biggest challenges racing in the dark?
ExposureProTalk: Charles Caudrelier - Which lights would you take in your kit bag?
ExposureProTalk: Charles Caudrelier - What it’s like racing flat out at night?
OLAS Core User Guide, Firmware 2.0

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