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Helm Tag Feature Integration

Helm Tag Mode: Specifically designed for sub 35ft motor vessels using OLAS as a wireless engine cut off system. 1 OLAS tag can be calibrated as a Helm tag. When the tag goes out of your chosen range the engine will cut out. This unique capability means the tag can be setup to stop the engine if you fall in the vessel or extended to only cut out when you leave the proximity of the vessel. The Helm tag can leave and return to the vessel without setting off a continuous overboard alarm. This significantly enhances the user’s ability to disconnect and reconnect seamlessly. Helm tag should ONLY be used when OLAS is being used as a wireless engine cut off system. For more information on how to setup Helm tag see the video below. Demonstration of the OLAS helm tag feature

Standby mode integration

Standby mode allows you to keep your OLAS system running in the background, waiting silently for you to connect your OLAS transmitter. The OLAS system will remain in Standby throughout power cycles. When the system is in Standby mode the hub will NOT give the ‘no tag’ connected warning when it is powered up. Standby mode can ONLY be activated if tags are not being tracked. Standby mode will be automatically deactivated when an OLAS transmitter is brought into range.

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